McKean Developments Limited began installing enclosed balcony systems in late 2007. Since this time we have installed over 2000 balconies on over 50 projects across the United Kingdom, and are considered the market leader in the installation of this specialist product. Our installers are all experienced, competent and fully qualified, and with the support of our advanced technical team, we have the knowledge and expertise to conquer any obstacle we may encounter.

What is an enclosed balcony? Our enclosed balconies act much like a traditional balcony or balustrade, the difference being that they can be fully enclosed by means of sliding and folding glazed panels. This presents a host of benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Usability in all weather conditions, greatly increasing the amount of time spent in the space.
  •  Cleaning and maintenance requirements are minimised due to shelter from the elements.
  • Noise reduction; noise pollution from traffic, railway lines, recreational facilities and other surrounding factors is reduced by up to 17dB. Vice-versa, the glazing will also contain more noise for the user’s privacy.
  • Security; Glazing prevents access by unwanted intruders, including unwanted wildlife (pigeons, rats, etc).
  • Solar gain; whilst fully enclosed, the balcony acts a sunspace which can significantly reduce energy bills within the home (in some cases by up to 17%)

Our enclosed balconies are fabricated from aluminium extrusions and are fixed to the building substructure by means of galvanised steel brackets, calculated by our qualified engineer to suit each individual project. All brackets and fixing points will be covered by bespoke cover flashings for a seamless finish. The system can be fully openable to allow full ventilation. In this case, a balustrade will sit in front of the sliding and folding glazed system at 1100mm high (to meet current building regulations). Alternatively, the system can be manufactured with a fixed section at the bottom with only the top section comprising of openable glazing. The fixed section at the bottom can be manufactured from fixed, toughened glass; clear, obscure or opaque laminated. Formica panels can also be used and; along with the full aluminium system; can be manufactured in any colour from the RAL colour chart.