Windows & Doors

McKean Developments Limited have now installed over 8000 windows, screens and doors in a variety of locations across the country (Mar 13). Our expertise in window installation within social housing; in particular high-rise flats; is unrivalled anywhere in the UK.

Why replace a building’s windows?

As a general rule, a building’s windows and doors should be replaced every 20 years. New frames will boost aesthetics, increase market value, and can save a very significant amount (up to 50%) of energy usage from reduced heat loss/gain within a property, incurring a substantial saving on heating bills. Building owners and tenants should consider replacing windows/doors if two or more of the following statements are applicable:

  • The property feels draughty in cold conditions from air penetrating the perimeter of the frames.
  • The property’s heating bills seem higher than normal/expected.
  • There is a safety or security concern from old and/or weakened windows and frames.
  • The property’s windows look old, faded or dated.
  • The glass in the frames is cracked, condensated or in any way damaged and the hardware is in need of repair.
  • Windows/doors are becoming increasingly difficult to open or close.

Though we specialise in UPVC, McKean Developments Limited can supply and install many different types of windows, including timber, aluminium and composites. We work in conjunction with current building regulations, and are confident we can meet any specification with regards to Window Energy Rating (WER Scheme, as part of BFRC regulations), U and G-values. We can provide tilt/turn (particularly suitable for high-rise as they can be easily cleaned from the inside), casement (top, bottom and side hung) and vertical sliding frames, as well as bay, bow and conservatory windows. We specialise in the UPVC and composite door frames, and can provide both internal and external, single and double doors and patio sliders.